Rules for Thee, But Not for Me!

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Big Pharma, COVID-19, New World Order

You Can’t Come Out to Play

After a year of ridiculous lockdown restrictions in the UK, we’ve all just watched the farce that is the G7, with our leaders elbow-bumping & face-masked for the cameras, and then hugging each other and not socially distancing when the official photo-op was over, only to hear that the idiots running the show are now delaying ‘Freedom Day’ by another month, showing us in no uncertain terms that it is ‘rules for thee, but not for me’.

After a year of MSM denial and social media censorship of epic levels regarding the origins of COVID-19, it seems we are now allowed to talk about where this Bat-Flu came from. Our overlords are trying to distract us from the next phase of whatever bullshit they’re cooking up (aka Great Reset).

New Evidence about the Origins of COVID-19

Don’t let this new information fool you. It’s a distraction tactic – any sane person has been questioning the narrative since all this began, while the indoctrinated have meekly been going along with whatever their governments have proposed because, you know, “my government cares about me.”

What the Hell is Going On?

Since this whole debacle began anyone offering alternative opinions regarding the origins of the virus, or even offering possible treatment solutions, has been shut down by the mainstream media, and outright censored by social media.

Why would they do this, what can they possibly gain?

Simple answer: massive amounts of money from vaccines, along with the acceleration of ‘The Great Reset’ agenda. These two ideas are not mutually exclusive. Someone is eventually going to have to pay for the massive amounts of money being thrown at providing a vaccine for the virus.

Who is that someone? You and me, that’s who!

In the UK, US, and the EU, emergency use authorisations can’t be granted for untested vaccines if a known treatment exists, in this instance: Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine in combination with other drugs as a cocktail.

We have evidence that these treatments work, but anyone suggesting this on social media has been censored, or banned, because if an existing medicine is capable of treating the virus they can’t get emergency use authorisation for any vaccine.

Imagine being in a position where you can tell 7 billion people they need to have a vaccine with not just one, but two shots, and then annual boosters because of the different variants?

Pfizer expects revenues of $26 billion from its vaccines in 2021 alone, making up more than a third of its revenues.

Do you see what I am getting at?

You Don’t let the Fox Investigate Who Attacked the Chicken Coop

There are three people whose heads should roll when the truth about all of this finally comes out.

First, we have Professor Neil Ferguson, AKA Professor Lockdown, who’s disastrous doomsday modelling sent waves of panic around the world when this all unfolded, and whom the UK government still continues to allow to serve on advisory boards, despite him having a vested interest in creating as much panic as possible when it comes to infectious diseases. He’s an ‘epidemiologist’ with no medical background (not biology, not medicine, but theoretical physics), with a pattern of blowing every outbreak out of proportion.

Then we have Anthony Fauci, head of the US COVID-19 response team, whose vociferous denials of any possibility of a Wuhan lab leak prompted social media to censor anyone who said anything to the contrary despite his own knowledge right from the beginning that the organisation he worked for (National Institutes of Health (NIH)) was indirectly funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) by way of Ecohealth Alliance.

Lastly, we have Peter Daszak, the President of Ecohealth Alliance, who knew the kind of research being done at the WIV, appointed to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) team assigned to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 virus, flatly denying it could possibly have leaked from the WIV lab because the WHO investigation deemed it so.

There’s no conflict of interest here, not so?

We have the panic-maker (Ferguson), and two prominent doctors colluding to cover up their involvement with the WIV (An email dump of Fauci’s emails reveals that Daszak thanked him for discounting the Wuhan Lab leak theory).

These small tidbits of information should prompt you to delve deeper into the history and activities of these three men.

Build Back Better – AKA The Great Reset?

I am all for a fairer, more sustainable world when it’s backed by actual science and not just some knee-jerk reaction to the ‘settled science’ being rammed down our throats.

This constant bandying about of the term ‘build back better” since this pandemic broke is unsettling to say the least, because it seems as though every major western nation suddenly started using this term in unison, so where’s the memo?

What amazes me is the acceleration of a new green agenda since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of the UK. He was elected on the promise of getting Brexit done, but now he seems to be doggedly pursuing an accelerated green agenda, even waffling on about a ‘gender neutral’ plan for the future, whatever the hell that is?

It’s all fine and dandy advocating a greener future, but when the G7 is advocating supporting infrastructure projects for the developing world, whilst simultaneously taking radical steps to reduce the industrial competitiveness of the west by imposing new restrictions on fossil fuels, whilst not expecting the developing world to adhere to those same restrictions, it smacks of wealth redistribution of epic proportions.

This agenda has been rapidly accelerated since news of a pandemic broke. It’s all a little convenient if you ask me. Nobody was going to argue with this agenda in the middle of a pandemic because we were all distracted by the sudden loss of freedom and massive bombardment of fear porn on every mainstream platform.

Have a look at the UN Replacement Migration recommendation of 2000, and then have a look at the acceleration of migration into the west following this recommendation. These people do things right under your noses. They make decisions behind closed doors, then quietly implement them, all while maintaining the illusion that this is what people voted for.

This is what is happening with ‘Build Back Better’ and ‘The Great Reset.’

Please open you eyes and research these things for yourself. None of this is ever about making our lives better, it’s always about how much more money can they squeeze from us before we start a revolution.

A Sane Voice in the Wilderness

I lost all respect for Theresa May when she was saying one thing about Brexit in public, and doing something completely different with policy.

Watching her speech in the House of Commons recently, regarding the need to learn to live with COVID-19 just as we have always done for every other seasonal virus, changed all that. Watch below.

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