by | May 23, 2021


Vaccination is not Working, Early Treatment Works, and Children Don’t Need Vaccination Against COVID -The Pandemic of Fear!

Vaccination is not working, there are early, effective treatments against COVID-19, and there is no need to vaccinate the young against COVID-19.

Big Pharma – Not Your Friendly Neighbourhood Uncle

Everyone’s placing their trust in vaccines produced by Big Pharma to end the pandemic. How can we trust Big Pharma given their history of deceit?

The Engineered Collapse of Afghanistan

World governments are portraying the collapse of Afghanistan as unexpected. The truth is that this is all by design.

Big Tech Are Out of Control!

You know Big Tech is getting out of hand when they start censoring the truth.

In the clown world, they’re really not following the science.

The vaccines are not doing the job we were promised they would, but our immune systems are.

Wordwide protests against lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, and vaccine passports ignored.

The global media have ignored protests against lockdowns and vaccine passports in 180 cities around the world, why?

Rules for Thee, But Not for Me!

The powers-that-be seem determined to keep us locked down forever while they destroy the economy and plan ‘The Great Reset.’

Something’s Not Quite Right in This Mad COVID World.

Something strange is going on, with government and corporate actions during this pandemic enough to drive anyone to think there was an actual conspiracy.